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ECSA Romania

ECSA Romania

The Romanian Association of International Relations and European Studies (ARRISE) was established in 2010. It is composed by specialists – academics and practitioners – and it defines itself as a professional organization within the International Relations and European Studies (IRES) field. ARRISE was created in order to set up a functional and effective partnership with public authorities and with private legal persons that are interested in this academic field. The scope of the association is to enhance knowledge about and to promote intrinsic values belonging to the area of IRES academic study and research, not only in Romania, but also in Europe and worldwide.

In November 2012, following a spring Bucharest-based evaluation visit conducted by Professor Enrique Banus, Ph.D, ECSA President (European Community Studies Association), ARRISE became a full member of ECSA network, along with over 50 other national and regional academic associations who are interested in boosting teaching and research on European integration.

Starting from September 2014, ECSA Romania is implementing a Jean Monnet Support for Associations project, on the following theme Contributing to the development of the EU immigration and mobility field of study from a multi-disciplinary approach. Support for the Romanian Association of International Relations and European Studies / CDEUS. The project includes organizing three events, two conferences and a workshop, regarding the integration of immigrants and mobile citizens within the EU, a subject which is being approached from a multidisciplinary point of view. Moreover, through the project, we have built a Who is Who database, which includes data about all our members, organized on fields of interest and activity. Other activities are: building a virtual platform that will host among other, an open source database with articles and materials regarding the EU; editing several issues of the Romanian Journal of International Relations and European Studies; editing several brochures on the theme of the project, and other.


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